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Golden Cabinet Integrative Medical Center strives to bring together Eastern and Western medical systems, giving our patients the best of both worlds. Each of our patients is comprehensively evaluated before being advised on the options of alternative medical therapies and/or Western medical prescriptions. Where appropriate, these are done in conjunction with your existing physicians.

This results in customized treatment strategies that best suit each patient’s particular healthcare needs. State-of-the-art diagnostics, including genetic tests, are integrated with ancient traditions of pulse and tongue diagnosis. The synergy between Western lab tests and traditional Eastern diagnostic procedures provides the most effective therapeutic outcome for each patient.


If you seek to understand your condition, heal yourself, rejuvenate, or even reinvent yourself, our team of cross-disciplinary doctors and experts at Golden Cabinet are your wellness sherpas: guides to optimum wellness.

Drew Francis

Nearly 30 years of experience

Kristin Pressman

Dr. Pressman’s years experience is 24 yrs.

Skyeler Francis

Skyeler’s years experience is 6 years.

Institute for Functional Medicine

Founded in 1991 (the same year Dr. Drew opened The Golden Cabinet), the “Institute for Functional Medicine has trained clinicians to translate scientific advances in the areas of genomics, epigenetics, nutrition, and lifestyle into solutions for notoriously challenging clinical problems.”

“IFM is determined to help clinicians and patients develop the nutritional, environmental, social, and lifestyle strategies that, over time, will move us away from reacting to the chronic disease epidemic and toward a preventive, patient-empowered healthcare system focused on optimum wellness, not just freedom from symptoms.”

The IFM Certification Program is the gold standard for functional medicine training. “IFM Certified Practitioners are recognized as clinicians whose rigorous training and evaluation places them in the top tier of Functional Medicine practitioners.” Dr. Drew Francis has held the IFMCP certification since 1995.

Working With A Functional Medicine Practicioner

Functional medicine (FM) practitioners promote wellness by focusing on the fundamental underlying factors that influence every patient’s experiences of both health and disease.

Working With A Functional
Medicine Practicioner

Dr. Drew Francis assesses each patient’s fundamental clinical imbalances through careful history taking, physical examination, and laboratory testing, all of which considers multiple factors.

Environmental inputs: The air you breathe, the water you drink, your diet and the quality of the food available to you, your level of physical exercise, and toxic exposures or traumas you have experienced all affect your health.

Mind-body connections: Psychological, spiritual, and social factors all can have a profound influence on your health. Considering these areas helps the FM practitioner see your health in the context of you as a whole person, not just your physical symptoms.

Genetic makeup: Although individual genes may make you more susceptible to some diseases, your DNA is not an unchanging blueprint for your life. Emerging research shows that your genes may be influenced throughout your life by everything in your environment, as well as your experiences, attitudes, and beliefs. That means it is possible to change the way genes are activated and expressed.

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Working With A Functional
Medicine Practicioner

Through assessment of underlying causes and triggers of dysfunction, Dr. Drew is able to understand how key processes are affected.

  • How your body rids itself of toxins
  • Regulation of hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Immune system function
  • Inflammatory responses
  • Digestion and absorption of nutrients and the health of the digestive tract
  • Structural integrity
  • Psychological and spiritual equilibrium
  • How you produce energy

All of these processes are influenced by both environmental factors and your genetic make-up. When they are disturbed or imbalanced, they lead to symptoms, which can lead to disease if effective interventions are not applied.

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Working With A Functional
Medicine Practicioner

Most imbalances in functionality can be restored to optimum function, if the patient is committed to the journey.

Prevention is paramount: Virtually every complex, chronic disease is preceded by long-term disturbances in functionality that can be identified and effectively managed.

Changing how the systems function: This can have a major impact on the patient’s health. The FM practitioner examines a wide array of available interventions and customizes a treatment plan including those with the most impact on underlying functionality.

FM expands the clinician’s toolkit: Treatments may include combinations of botanical medicines, nutritional supplements, therapeutic diets, or detoxification programs. They may also include counseling on lifestyle, exercise, or stress-management techniques.

The patient becomes a partner: As a patient, you become an active partner with your functional medicine practitioner. This allows you to really be in charge of improving your own health and changing the outcome of disease.

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